Ruth Urlacher


Ruth Urlacher is a M.A. student at the University of Alberta, supervised by Dr. Andrzej Weber.

Ruth's M.A. research focuses on determining the amount of bioarchaeological data that can be replicated from photographic documentation of burial features. She is currently collecting data on skeletal completeness and fragmentation using photographs of the burials at Khuzir-Nuge XIV. She will then use this data to perform a statistical comparison with the bioarchaeological data that was collected in the field by Dr. Angela Lieverse during the original excavations at KNXIV between 1997-2001. By quantifying how accurately this data can reproduced from the visual documentation alone, Ruth hopes to be able to make recommendations on how to visually document burials more effectively on future projects.

Ruth will also be taking part in the excavations on Rebun Island in summer 2014.


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Bakail Hokkaido archaeology project