Noboru Adachi


Noboru Adachi is a Professor of the Department of Legal Medicine, the University of Yamanashi. His research focus is ancient DNA, forensic DNA, and physical anthropology. For the project, he will be studying human DNA.


Phone: +81-55-273-9552

Fax: +81-55-273-6753


Department of Legal Medicine
University of Yamanashi
Shimo-kato 1110, Chuo, Yamanashi


Adachi N, Umetsu K, Shojo H. 2014. Forensic strategy to ensure the quality of sequencing data of mitochondrial DNA in highly degraded samples. Legal Medicine 16: 52-55.

Adachi N, Sawada J, Yoneda M, Kobayashi K, Itoh S. 2013. Mitochondrial DNA Analysis of the Human Skeleton of the Initial Jomon Phase Excavated at the Yugura Cave Site, Nagano, Japan. Anthropological Science 121 (2): 137-143.

Adachi N, Shinoda K, Umetsu K, Kitano T, Matsumura H, Fujiyama R, Sawada J, Tanaka M. 2011. Mitochondrial DNA analysis of Hokkaido Jomon skeletons: Remnants of archaic maternal lineages at the southwestern edge of former Beringia. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 146: 346-360.

Adachi N, Shinoda K, Umetsu K, Matsumura H. 2009. Mitochondrial DNA analysis of Jomon skeletons from the Funadomari site, Hokkaido, and its implication for the origins of Native American. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 138: 255-265.

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