Michael Richards


Michael Richards is a Professor at the University of British Columbia and holds a part-time position as Professor at the Department of Human Evolution at the Max Planck Institute. His research interests primarily involve isotope analysis in archaeology, palaeoanthropology and palaeontology, especially for reconstructing past diets and migration patterns. Most of his research has involved the application of stable isotope analysis (C and N) of bone collagen to determine human and animal diets in Prehistoric and Historic Europe. Particular areas of interest are the shift in diet between the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods in Europe, associated with the adoption of agriculture, and contrasting the diets of Neanderthals and modern humans in Europe. Mike's current research involves the use of other isotopes to reconstruct climate and migration patterns, as well as the extraction and isotopic analysis of proteins preserved in old or poorly preserved bone and teeth.

Email: mpricha@interchange.ubc.ca

Phone: 604-822-3503

Fax: 604-822-2878

Department of Anthropology
6303 NW Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC


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