Andrzej Weber


Photograph of Andrzej Weber

Andrzej Weber is a Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Alberta and Director of the Baikal-Hokkaido Archaeology Project. His research interests  include archaeology of individual life histories; carbon, nitrogen, and strontium isotope analyses; mobility and migrations; diet; subsistence; population size and distribution; and mechanisms of cultural transmission. In Japan, he will be helping to organize and oversee archaeological excavations and field schools on Rebun Island and he will be involved in collection of  environmental samples for geochemical tests.


Phone: 780-492-9269 (BHAP main office)

Fax: 780-492-5273


Department of Anthropology
13-15 H.M. Tory Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta


I am looking for new graduate students in the following areas:

  1. Application of the Darwinian evolutionary theory to middle Holocene hunter-gatherer archaeology of Northeast Asia
  2. Archeological science (e.g. bone chemistry, provenance studies etc.) 
  3. Public archaeology
  4. Virtual archaeology

Many new opportunities for graduate students will be created with research  equipment (total value of $2 million CAD) to be acquired through the Leaders Opportunity Fund, Canada Foundation of Innovation. The list of  new research tools  includes the following:

  • portable XRF analyzer and mass spectrometers
  • laser micro-drill
  • portable X-ray machines
  • ground penetrating radars
  • electromagnetic conductivity meter
  • lake drilling equipment
  • 3D digital scanners and scene digitizers
  • high- end digital SLR cameras
  • GPS total station
  • digital microscopes, and 
  • high-end graphics computer stations

This equipment will be purchased starting in spring 2012 to be used in the field in Japan and Russia as well as in our labs at the University of Alberta.

Selected Recent Articles in Scholarly Journals

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Weber A.W., Schulting R.J., Bronk Ramsey C., Bazaliiskii V.I. (2016) Biogeochemical data from the Shamanka II Early Neolithic cemetery on southwest Baikal: Chronological and dietary patterns. Quaternary International, Vol. 405, Part B: 233-254.
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Shepard B., Goriunova O.I., Novikov A.G., Weber A.W. (2016) A multi-scalar analysis of interconnections among Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age hunter-gatherers of the Cis-Baikal, Eastern Siberia. Quaternary International, 419: 140-158.
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Selected Recent Edited Works

Jordan P., Weber A.W. (Eds.) (2016) Holocene Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology of Northern Eurasia. Quaternary International, Special Issue, Volume 419, pages 1-194 (12 papers).
Tarasov P. White D., Weber A.W. (Eds.) (2013) The Baikal-Hokkaido Archaeology Project: Environmental Archives, Proxies and Reconstruction Approaches. Quaternary International, Special Issue, Volumes 290-291, pages 1-358 (23 papers).
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Weber A.W., McKenzie H.G., Lieverse A.R., Goriunova O.I. (Eds.) (2012) KURMA XI, a Middle Holocene Hunter-Gatherer Cemetery on Lake Baikal, Siberia: Archaeological and Osteological Materials. Canadian Circumpolar Institute Press, Edmonton and German Archaeological Institute, Berlin, 276 p.

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